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Air Arabia Careers 2023 : Cabin Crew Opportunities in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Are you ready to take your career to new heights in the aviation industry? Air Arabia PJSC (G9) is offering exciting opportunities for Cabin Crew in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, UAE. As a Cabin Crew member, you’ll play a crucial role in ensuring passengers have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable flight experience. Let’s delve into the details of this dynamic role and how you can become a part of the Air Arabia family.

Job Purpose: Elevating Passenger Experience and Safety

As a Cabin Crew member, you will be Air Arabia’s brand ambassador, dedicated to enhancing customer loyalty and promoting a positive corporate image. Your responsibilities span from ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort throughout the entire flight cycle to delivering exceptional customer service.

Key Result Responsibilities

Conduct and Safety Measures

  • Timely Attendance and Grooming: You’ll maintain impeccable grooming standards and ensure your fitness for assigned flights. Attending pre-flight “Briefing” ensures you’re well-informed about flight details, roles, targets, security checks, and more.
  • Passenger Safety Procedures: You will instruct passengers on safety protocols, ensuring their well-being and comfort during the flight. You’ll proactively identify safety and security risks, collaborating with the Cabin Supervisor to address any issues according to established SOPs.
  • First Aid and Prompt Reporting: In case of emergencies, you’ll administer first aid to passengers and promptly report any irregularities or malfunctions to the Cabin Supervisor, Flight Crew, and Captain.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Passenger Assistance: From welcoming passengers to assisting with boarding formalities, you’ll provide exceptional customer service. Meeting individual pre-booking requests and addressing passengers’ needs are part of your role.
  • Support in Stressful Situations: You’ll identify and assist passengers facing stress or difficulties, adhering to policies outlined in the Operations Manual. Your caring approach will make a difference in passengers’ experiences.
  • Promotion of On-Board Services: By effectively promoting on-board meals, products, and charity services, you’ll contribute to maximizing revenue and Air Arabia’s “Charity Cloud” program. Managing cash and credit card payments for sales and donations is also part of your role.

Efficient Operations and Reporting

  • Pre-Flight Checks: You’ll ensure that essential supplies, emergency equipment, catering gear, and other specified items are ready before takeoff. Any deficiencies will be reported to the Cabin Supervisor and Captain.
  • Cabin Maintenance: At transit stations, you’ll ensure thorough cabin cleaning and proper re-catering and provision of duty-free products before the flight.
  • Post-Flight Responsibilities: You’ll conduct post-flight briefings, complete assessment reports, and provide objective evaluations. If designated, you may also carry out the duties of the ‘Cabin Supervisor.’

Important Requirements: Your Ticket to Boarding

  • Age and Height: Candidates without previous Cabin Crew experience should be aged between 20 and 26, while experienced candidates can be up to 33 years old. Minimum height requirements are 160 cm (female) and 168 cm (male).
  • Physical Fitness: You must be medically and physically fit to perform Cabin Crew duties, including the ability to swim with aid of a flotation device.
  • Qualifications: A diploma or higher secondary certificate is acceptable. A diploma in Travel/Tourism is a plus. First Aid, Safety, and Emergency Procedures training are valuable assets.
  • Language Skills: Fluent written and spoken English is a must. Arabic fluency is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Work Experience: Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in Cabin Crew, customer service, aviation, or hospitality roles adds value. A cabin crew license is advantageous.
  • Flexibility: You should be comfortable with shift patterns, extended working hours, and adapt well to changes and busy schedules.

Are you ready to soar as a Cabin Crew member with Air Arabia? Apply now and join our team to contribute to a safe, comfortable, and memorable journey for our passengers. Your dedication will help us achieve our goals and create exceptional travel experiences for all.


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