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StarLux Careers 2022 | Flight Operation Engineer

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Job Description

Each candidate can only apply for ONE position at a time, please read the job description thoroughly and apply for the position you are most interested in.

CV is reviewed according to the earliest submission subsequence and subjected to the Company’s discretion.

1. Regulatory Compliance of EFB project

1-1. Ensure EFB services provided for flights comply with ongoing local and international regulatory requirements and Company policies and procedures, including certification requirements for aircraft operational approvals and amendments with the CAA.

1-2. Ensure each person involved in EFB management receives appropriate training in their role and has a good working knowledge of the proposed system hardware, operating system and relevant software applications as well as knowledge about flight, inflight and engineering operations.

1-3. Submit EFB related applications for CAA approval in accordance with CAA Regulations.

2. EFB Management

2-1. Responsible for the overall EFB operations, including but not limited to EFB hardware, software, content, and IT stability.

2-2. Responsible for hardware and software configuration management for ensuring, in particular, that no unauthorized software is installed.

2-3. Responsible for ensuring check of data content prior to load and/or release for operational use.

2-4. Responsible for accurate and reliable distribution of critical operational information to Flight crews on Company EFBs. And, ensure that only a valid version of the application software and current data packages are installed on the EFB system.

2-5. Establish procedures, documents in an EFB Policy and Procedures Manual, to ensure that no unauthorized changes take place. And, establish procedures for the maintenance (hardware, software) of the EFB.

2-6. Planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating the EFB Administration section functions and responsibilities in an effective manner.

2-7. Responsible for overseeing regular audits and random quality checks. And, liaise closely with and provide all relevant information to CAA, Line Operations, Operations Engineering and International Affairs on matters relating to electronic documentation on the flight deck.

2-8. Review, assess, and respond to all relevant commander administration reports or EFB fault reports and provide follow up action where necessary.

3. Future EFB development

3-1. Support new aircraft EFB and coms related components, future proofing the EFB operations.

3-2. Develop the necessary plans to adapt to the changing industry needs and the supporting technology required on the aircraft.

Job Type: Full-Time

Working Hours: Day Shift

Salary Range: Remuneration negotiable



1. A motivated individual with ideally 3 years of Flight Operational or equivalent engineering experience in Avionics Engineering will be desirable.

2. Good communications skills with an in-depth technical knowledge of both avionic hardware and aircraft software, used on e-enabled (connected) aircraft systems.

3. Detailed knowledge of Airbus Flysmart.

4. Experience in the role of EFB Administrator, project management, and change management will be desirable.

5. An organized and detail-oriented person able to exercise flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the Company or Industry.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and above or equivalent.

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