GIVEAWAY ALERT Take note iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard Makes Typing Easy

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Take note: iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard Makes Typing Easy!

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iWerkz foldable Bluetooth keyboard ideal for students, travelers, career-minded customers

Laptops are great yet sometimes you do not have the space or the energy to tote them to and fro. Enter the iWerkz foldable Bluetooth keyboard, a compact accessory for all of your non-laptop devices that’s ideal for students, travelers, and career-minded customers. Enclosed in a protective case that fits easily into your purse or shoulder bag, this keyboard is great for texting, emailing, or taking notes in classes/meetings.

The night before a conference, I received the product. I charged it using my Macbook Air.

The next day I followed the set-up instructions and once the Bluetooth was connected, I placed my iPhone in the adjustable stand and used it by our vendor table.

Guests were intrigued and stopped by to try the product. They were impressed with how quickly it was to send themselves an email or text. One law student commented that this keyboard would be helpful to take with him to class to use when taking notes on his iPad.


  • Clear instructions on how to set up: charge and connect via Bluetooth.
    • Lightweight, sleek design ideal for travel and portability to meetings, classes, events.
    • Vibrant color choices including purple, pink, red, and blue, in addition to black and white.
    • Dual functioning case: protective and acts as a stand to tilt your device at the optimal angle.
    • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
    • Includes a rechargeable lithium battery and charging cable.

Cons: The Goldilocks of keypads; it’s certainly an upgrade from texting/emailing from your handheld device yet not quite as large as a full size keyboard, to which it can take some time to acclimate. View this product on Amazon

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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